The ALABAMA from A-Z

Updated January 2017


Audemus jura nostra defendere
We dare defend our rights

Information about Alabama for each letter of the alphabet.
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B IS FOR BEACHES, BIRDS, & BRIDGES C IS CAPITAL, CIVIL WAR, COMMUNICATION, & COUNTIES D IS FOR DAMS & DINOSAURS E IS FOR EARTHQUAKES, EDUCATION, & EVENTS F IS FOR FISH, FLAG, FOOD, & FORTS G IS FOR GEOLOGY, GHOST TOWNS, GLOBAL POSITION, & GULF COAST H IS FOR HISTORIC, HISTORY, & HORSE I IS FOR INDUSTRIES, INSECTS, & ISLANDS JAZZ & JUDICIAL K IS FOR KARST & KIDS Picture of karst Alabama has KARST and sinkholes. The largest sinkhole on record in the state is also one of the largest sinkholes recorded in the nation. Located in Shelby County, the sinkhole developed in the early morning in December 1972 and grew quickly to 300 feet in diameter by 100 feet in depth. The state also has Caves and caverns. The Cathedral Caverns is a karst cave. Russell Cave was used by Native Americans for at least 10,000 years. The National Parks System has information about Caves and Karst . The Karst Waters Institute provides information about karst water systems. The National Speleological Society has chapters in the state.

Picture of Kids Many aspects of life in Alabama focus on KIDS. The Secretary of State has a Kids Page. There is information about things to do with kids. NOAA has a special weather page for kids. L IS FOR LAKES, LIBRARIES, & LIGHTHOUSES

M IS FOR MILITARY, MOUNTAINS, & MUSEUMS N IS FOR NAME & NATIVE AMERICANS OBSERVATORIES Picture of telescope Alabama has several OBSERVATORIES and planetariums. It also has Astronomy Clubs. The University of Alabama Observatory was established in 1844. The Wetumpka Impact Crater is 4.7 miles in diameter and is estimated to be about 83 million years old. The state participates in National Astronomy Day. The Wetumpka Crater is 4.7 miles in diameter and its age is estimated to be about 83 million years old. P IS FOR PARKS & PEOPLE Q IS FOR QUARTER, QUILTING, & QUIZ Picture of Question Mark Fun Trivia & Quizzes about Alabama. R IS FOR REGIONS, REPTILES, & RIVERS S IS FOR SEA LIFE & SPORTS T IS FOR TARTAN, TRAILS, TRANSPORTATION, & TREES U IS FOR UNIVERSITIES & USS ALABAMA V IS FOR VEGETATION & VOLCANOES W IS FOR WATERFALLS, WEATHER, & WILDLIFE X IS FOR XMAS Y IS FOR YMCA & YOUTH HOSTELS Z IS FOR ZIPCODES, ZONES, AND ZOOS